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Netscape Navigator 4 Download

Is a Netscape Browser for You?

The first thing we must ask is - what is a Netscape Browser? It is a free browser that is available for download and installation on your computer. It is a windows based application that provides many great features that help you organize and simplify your Internet experience. It was the first graphical web browser to be introduced to the world and has been the leader in web browsers ever since.

Netscape 4

To begin with, the most-recent version of Netscape browser is 8.0, which is listed as a beta release.

It has several tool bars to help you navigate through all the information you need. With Netscape, we book marked a page while in Internet Explorer, we have favorites. There is the standard dialog box for setting up all your security settings.

They are several tool bars that you can customize for your own needs and sources of information. It displays any RSS feeds on a tool bar and also has one-button access to all your standard webmail accounts.

It does feature a pop-up to blocker whom you can turn off and on at will. This is nice because there are sites that have pop-ups that you will want. They have continued the tabbing of web pages so you can view all the pages you have been open by simply clicking its tab.

You can also have your Netscape mail and all your news and information from Netscape.com delivered right to your Netscape Browser. If you go to their homepage, you will find it has a great deal that is available including many Netscape downloads of browsers and other things are fun and just plan useful.

The Netscape browser has continued to evolve with the Internet and all the standards that are openly accepted by most developers and companies. Internet Explorer has developed along a different route staying true to Microsoft and their proprietary languages and coding rules. When you look at the browsers, you will want to keep in mind that you want one that is flexible.

The browsers by Netscape have always been compatible and support the broadest range of technology. The backbone of their browser is Mozaic, which is also the backbone for all open-source web browsers like FireFox. If you want to be assured of getting the best web experience, you will need to use Netscape browsers.

Download Netscape Navigator 4.8

Netscape Browser

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Netscape Navigator- Rest in peace.

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