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Internet Explorer 7 Download
Internet Explorer 7

It's been years in the making, 5 to be exact, but Internet Explorer 7 is finally here. The world of the web has moved on considerably in those years, and Microsoft has made a real effort to catch up with this, its newest browser.

The navigation bar has been completely changed from previous versions of Internet Explorer. There are far more pull-downs than before which add functionality, allowing the user to customize their experience much more fully. This is not the browser that sought to keep everything super simple idiot proof, now it is much more suited to both beginner and advanced users.

There is a built in search box, which eliminates the need to use tool bars like the Google tool bar. In fact tool bars from other companies are likely to be completely obsolete with this new version of Internet Explorer.

It's not all about copying other companies, however, there has been some rearrangement with Internet Explorer 7, with the addition of a zoom function that allows you to enlarge web pages easily, as well as make them smaller. This is a great yet simple addition that will be welcomed by surfers tired of peering uselessly at the screen trying to see images or text that are just too small.

Moving with the times has clearly been the order of the day, with a function that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds within the browser. You can sort and filter feeds, and the function is automatically triggered on pages that have an RSS feed for your convenience.

There are likely to be continued updates available for download, and you can get these updates from the same location you downloaded Internet Explorer 7, or use the automatic download function.

This is an amazing browser that has definitely been long overdue. Now that it is here the race will no doubt be on again to develop bigger, better, faster browsers, and that way, we all win.

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Five years, and the browsers is great. Plus, its free.

Internet Explorer 7 Free Download
Epro24 , January 27, 2011
Thanks Ive been meaning to download this for a while.
Tina S , August 03, 2010

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