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Internet Explorer 5 Download

Internet Explorer 5: More Than Just Improved Toolbars

When looking for an Internet browser, the talk of the town is often centered on the download of Internet Explorer.

While many different versions are available on the market, consumers don't always lean towards the latest example when choosing a particular Internet Explorer download. Introduced in March 1999, the Internet Explorer 5 download can be found as a standard on many computers with Windows.

It is considered an easy browser to navigate and despite newer options, the Internet Explorer 5 download is still used by many. Bundled with Windows Me, the Internet Explorer 5.5 download was released in July 2000. Many enhancements were added, including better print preview and improved support for CSS and HTML.

Internet Explorer 5


The features of the Internet Explorer 5 download are widely accepted because it is compatible with much technological advancement regarding XML, XHTML, and CSS. The Internet Explorer 5 download presented several new or improved features that made it different from the fourth version. These advancements paved the way for future developments in regard to better website surfing. Two new approaches towards saving web pages are available to those who download Internet Explorer 5, such as complete web page saving, as well as an archive options. Additional features pertaining to the Internet Explorer 5 download included Language Encoding and the Hypertext Markup Language Editor.


When switching from the fourth version of IE to the Internet Explorer 5 download, computer users had the advantage of many evolving convenient features. A History Explorer Bar was added to help locate previously viewed websites. A Search Explorer Bar allowed users to find web pages, addresses, businesses, maps, as well as previous searches. The Internet Explorer 5 download also provided a browser that was much quicker. Outlook Express 5.0 was also introduced, which presented quite a satisfying mail client. Users also praised the nifty Auto Tools. Overall, it was rather easy to use with many advantageous upgrades.


For those who like to add numerous Favorites when surfing the Web, the Internet Explorer 5 download allowed users a much easier way to accomplish this task. The Auto Complete feature was also a hit with computer users, who benefit greatly from this timesaving feature. Whether it was a user name, password or online form, Auto Complete made these tasks much easier. Streaming radio playback was also made convenient through the Windows Radio Bar toolbar within the Internet Explorer 5 download. With the Internet Explorer 5 download repair tool, computer and Internet issues became much easier to pinpoint and then solve. This proved rather beneficial for those who'd rather not deal with a call to technical support.

Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 (this is a 82MB file, It could take a while to download)

This download is only available for windows 95 users. As all other versions of windows should be using IE 6 or now IE 7 (Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) only)

If your have Windows 98, Windows ME or Windows 2000 see this page to update your Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 5 Rating

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Publish Date: 10/12/2011 11:50


Internet Explorer 5 in 2011

I was bored so i decided to see how well internet explorer 5 could handle websites of today. Done on a windows 98 VM 16 colours.

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