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google chromeIn the midst of the internet market share war, Google's chrome web browser has come a long way to be in this present situation.

It can't be denied that Google chrome web browser is a high speed, extra steadier than the earlier versions and has also developed further over the years.

Google's chrome web browser still has to undergo so many changes and renovations. Google's chrome has some of the best browser security with its Safe Browsing.

mozilla firefox

Why not take advantage of Mozilla Firefox, which presents a more secure web browser that Internet Explorer?

When you decide on the Firefox download, you will find that spyware and other unwanted programs are a thing of the past.

This gives Internet users more security when it comes to surfing the Web. The browser wars are really heating up. Firefox is now on version 5, Opera is on version 11 and Google Chrome is on version 12. Were the ones who benefit from the latest round of browser wars.

internet explorer 9

It's been years in the making, but Internet Explorer 9 is finally here. The world of the web has moved on considerably in those years, and Microsoft has made a real effort to catch up with this, its newest browser.

With Internet Explorer 9, with the addition of a zoom function that allows you to enlarge web pages easily, as well as make them smaller. This is a great yet simple addition that will be welcomed by surfers tired of peering uselessly at the screen trying to see images or text that is just too small.

opera web browser

If you're sick of being a pawn of Microsoft and of being pretty much forced to use Internet Explorer, there is another option out there, Opera web browser.

Opera Browser comes with text-to-speech and voice-recognition software, which mean you can have your web pages read to you if you're really tired of looking at them. Opera also comes with more opportunities for customization than other browsers and more advanced features.

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What is a browser?

Basic explanation of the web browser. Learn more at whatbrowser.org

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