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While the threat of contracting a computer virus is pretty scary when it comes to surfing the Internet, there are plenty of anti-virus protection programs to consider for your PC.

Virus protection for your computer is a helpful tool to invest in when you wish to protect the files and programs you have installed.

Numerous companies market their anti-virus software as being the best, but do they offer the same capabilities as Panda Antivirus?


Panda Antivirus software is easy to install and offers some of the best virus eradication abilities on the market. Anti-virus updates for your computer will come as soon as they are released and are an automatic feature of the panda software.

The level of Panda Antivirus that you purchase determines the type of helpful features you will be able to enjoy. For example, the newer Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2007 offers virus protection, as well as prevents hackers from tapping into your system. You will also be able to enjoy advanced online fraud protection.

Along with great anti-virus protection, Panda Antivirus has the ability to detect new virus threats even when the software hasn’t completed a recent update. Additional features of the panda software include Antispyware, Antiadware, AntiPhishing, 24-Hour Tech Support and Automatic Updates.

With Panda Antivirus, users will have the best of both worlds. Not only does the panda software deal with damaging viruses, but it will also remove unnecessary and potentially harmful spyware that has downloaded itself to your computer.

The advantage to using panda software is that you do not need to keep any other anti-virus software on your computer. In fact, any other existing anti-virus protection should be removed from your PC to allow Panda Antivirus to work its magic without any disruptions.

Have you ever started a virus scan and it seems to take forever? Some virus protection options will take close to an hour to scan a system. Depending on your computer, you may enjoy a virus scan from Panda Antivirus that takes less than 20 minutes. This allows you more time to complete the things you need to do instead of waiting for what seems like an endless anti-virus scan.


Unlike other virus removal software, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for virus protection. Panda Antivirus allows you to remove all of the viruses found on your computer in a timely, quick manner that doesn’t cost as much as other anti-virus scans. You will also benefit from the quick updates received on your computer. When you are on a budget and wish to enjoy high-quality virus protection, Panda Antivirus is the perfect choice. Plus, 24-hour tech support is offered with panda software, making your use of the software smoother than other anti-virus selections.

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Panda software active scann Software's products and technology have earned the most prestigious quality certifications and awards.

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