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Well-Rounded Anti Virus Protection: McAfee Products

To satisfy all home and home-office computer protection needs, McAfee software has put out a wide-range of McAfee Antivirus and security products. In a world of increasing threats regarding the safety and cleanness of a PC, consumers demand a host of options that will eliminate damaging viruses, detect any security defects; and provide efficient protection.

Equipped with a McAfee virus scan and additional tools, users have found a friend in the defense against computer attacks.


When choosing McAfee software for all of your virus protection needs, you will acquire plenty of helpful features.

In the latest McAfee Virusscan Plus software, you will notice an integration of firewall, anti-spyware and anti-virus potential.

Additional responsibilities that the software takes on include daily definition updates, on-access file scans, firewall protection (inbound and outbound) and hacker protection, as well as help with spam, phishing and malware.


There are plenty of pluses to take notice of when using McAfee antivirus software.

This is because the aggressive manner in which McAfee scans handles computers gives users the advantage of capturing spyware attempts before they become installed.

With the McAfee Virusscan 2008 software, users especially welcome the ease pertaining to the installation. McAfee products can be obtained across the Internet or purchased at grocery stores or electronics/media shops.

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