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There are many different advantages to consider when selecting INVISUS to take care of your anti-virus protection needs. The software is so thorough that on-demand virus scanning is available, which extends to all of the CDs, floppy disks, zip drives and other storage media that you may use to save files and documents. The technology is also like no other. This antivirus software is so remarkable that it is able to detect viruses that are not known to the rest of PC protection circles. This is completed through an advanced system of analysis and detection. Why not take advantage of antivirus software that keeps you ahead of the virus protection game?


Consumers who turn to INVISUS Antivirus software will receive maximum anti-virus protection. This is a benefit that stands the test of time and allows your computer to function longer, faster and better. INVISUS provides 100% protection at all times; virus-free email on-demand scans; and automatic updates that are just too efficient to ignore. Say goodbye to viruses, worms, Trojan horses and boot sector viruses, as well as threats from other network PCs. Those who possess the following operating systems will be able to benefit from top-notch virus protection from INVISUS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP.

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World class anti virus protection - includes 24/7 scanning and guarantee that your incoming and outgoing e-mail and any attachments are virus free also scanning of all removable media such as portable hard drives, floppies CDs, and Zip disks.

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