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Autorun Virus Removal - How to Remove Autorun inf Virus in under 5 Minutes
Instead of enormous and bulky files, we know have DVD's, CD's, USB devices and memory sticks to do all the filing functions. Earlier, we use to carry tons of files but now, a simple memory stick, which is smaller than a pen, can carry information that would take 10 files to note down. However with every benefit, there has to be a catch somewhere.

When you use such memory program on the computer, malware injects an auto run virus into the system which occurs without the knowledge of the use.

It hampers the auto run feature in the operating system and also creates duplicate auto run inf. files in your computer.

How to delete autorun inf virus in the safest way possible? The best way to delete autorun inf virus from your files is to use an auto removal tool.

Be careful of measures you take to remove an auto run virus, you might accidentally remove an important file which may considered to be vital for the smooth running of your Operating system. If you want to know certain details on how to remove auto run inf virus manually, some steps are given below:

1) Terminate the auto run process by using task manager.
2) Renew the grouping into undamaged form then list all grouping and .exe files in the C drive.
3) Disable concealed (hidden), design and read only attribute into the auto run inf and delete all files.
4) Go over again through the same process with your drives.
5) Search for kavo.exe and delete all entries of it.

Most of us are not aware but when an auto run virus is inside our operating system, it creates a set of files called logon.bat so that whenever you boot your entire system, the virus is emerged automatically again. It is capable of connecting to a threatening website and invites a rootkit into your entire operating system like account numbers, account passwords, social security and other equally personal important details. 

Make sure you employ an anti-auto run tool so that you won't have to put yourself in a dilemma on how to remove autorun inf virus. For more informative details on how to remove auto run inf virus, download Autorun Eater

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Thanks for a great tutorial on how Remove Autorun inf Virus in under 5 Minutes. This article was very helpful. Thanks support cave!!!
Tina , August 02, 2010

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