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We Review Bitdefender 10 Update - Anti Virus For Windows 98

As a user of a computer, either at home or at work, you may know how disruptive viruses can be. They come in a huge number of different forms and do anything from showing pop-up ads to destroying or corrupting data on your computer. In order to prevent yourself from losing your work or saved data, you must always have a state of the art anti-virus program installed. Bitdefender 10 Update is one of the best free anti-virus programs in the market.

Bitdefender anti virus for windows 98 is the world’s best free anti-virus engine. All Bitdefender products share a common anti-virus engine, which have been certified by the ICSA Labs. Bitdefender Free is the freeware edition of one of the most popular anti-virus programs available today. Bitdefender free scan is not a real-time antivirus scanner, which is an advantage since it does not run all the time and hog the system resources.

Bit defender online scan is an on-demand anti-virus scanner, which is recommended for use in a diagnostic or recovery mode. Bitdefender free scan is only run when you want to scan your computer for the presence of viruses.

Bitdefender free anti virus softwre features several exceptional features such as scheduled scanning, immediate scanning, quarantine, user interface skinning and reports. The extremely powerful scanning engine of Bitdefender free scan and Bitdefender free online scan ensures that any malware that may be present in your system is effectively detected and removed, whenever you want.

The scheduled scanning feature of Bitdefender free allows you to schedule the exact time when you want your computer to be scanned. Hence, the safety of your computer can be maintained without compromising on your productivity by slowing down your computer when you are working on it. You also don’t have to worry about manually running the scan whenever you want to clean up your computer.

If you have a suspicion about any malware lurking in a particular drive or folder of your hard disc, then all you have to do is right click that drive or folder or file, and choose “Bitdefender free scan”. Bitdefender free immediately scans the entire drive, folder or file and lets you know if it is infected. If an infection is detected Bitdefender free also fixes the infection, thus keeping your system healthy.

If a Bitdefender free scan or a Bitdefender free online scan detects a virus that it cannot safely remove or disinfect, then the file is isolated under quarantine. When an infected file is quarantined, the access to that particular file is prevented, and hence the spread of the virus is also stopped. This results in a perfectly working computer.

Bitdefender free not only has a powerful engine working under its hood, it is also highly pleasing on the eye. The Bitdefender free interface is skinnable, which means that if you don’t like the way your Bitdefender free looks, then all you have to do is download a different skin from the internet and apply it to your Bitdefender free. Thus Bitdefender free is highly customizable as well.

Bitdefender free anti virus softwre is also capable of creating reports about its various scans, and their results in which all details about the scan are recorded. This helps in the analyisis of system safety. Bitdefender free is the ultimate in free virus protection available in the market, so install it and have a healthy computer!

Download load your copy of the free bit defender antivirus.

If your need help your can check out bit defender support , they can help with any guestion and if needed help you to removal of bit defender.

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i like bit defender it will my computer so good bye may god bless you
hameed , September 23, 2011

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