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X-Cleaner Spyware Cleaner Review

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XBlock no longer supports or maintains the X-Cleaner product. If you are a current X-Cleaner user, you should have received an email notifying you of this change, offering you a free year’s subscription to Sunbelt Software’s VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware software for your desktop antivirus and antispyware security needs.

X-Cleaner is part of the family of spyware removal programs that have been becoming even more important in recent years. Spyware has historically been malicious code that just slowed your system down or put ads on your computer. At best it was annoying and at worst it slowed your system down.

The days of the spyware being harmless are over and they are now almost as dangerous as the viruses. X-Cleaner has taken a different approach to the way in which it works as a spyware cleaner. It employs a method in which it uninstalls the spyware as it comes across it. This is different form the way in which others programs have approached it.

With other programs they scan the entire drive until it has found all the spyware and than removes it all at once. They claim that their approach is safer for your PC but I am cannot verify that one way or another. The import thing is that this program does a good job of removing of removing spyware from your computer. They also boast that if you frequent XXX websites it does a great job of cleaning up it up. That is one feature I will have to take their word on.

The spyware of today is far more dangerous then the spyware of the past. Historically it was created to track a user to a website to find out where else they went. The information was then used for marketing purposes to try and make money of their customers. Then the spyware began an evolutionary process that turned it into adware in which it was used to place ads on your computer. Some of these adware programs were more like viruses than they were like anything else.

From there the spyware has evolved into a program that can be used to deliver Trojan horse viruses into your system. Now X-Cleaner can prevent spyware from being placed on your system in the first place. This would be very helpful in the cases of spyware being used to deliver a Trojan horse virus. The important thing is that you run your spyware removal software regularly to insure that any and all spyware is removed from your system.

Today the spyware is being used to steal your identity from under your very nose. The thing that was once a tool for advertising research has now become a tool of thieves. They use these spyware programs to record account number, usernames and passwords. Then they deliver this information to the parties that planted it on your computer in the first place. In many cases these spybots will self destruct when they have finished doing their job making it harder for the thieves to get caught.


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X-cleaner Rating

Product Infomation

Publisher Facetime
File Size 2582 kb
Version 5.8
Added Aug 07, 2008
License Free Trial, $29.95
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Requirements None
Trial Limitations 30 day trial. Some features are disabled.
X-Cleaner Deluxe does not contain any spyware, adware or virus.

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Spyware X-Cleaner is a great free software program it does it's job well. This is a great review.
Julia , August 03, 2010

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