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WindowsXP Sp2 Download

Feel Safe Online - Download Windows XP Service Pack 2 Today!

For anyone who uses Windows XP for their operating system, Windows Service Pack 2 is a must. This really is an important download that everyone with XP should get, as it will make your computer stronger against the many viruses and Spyware out there.

The great news for everyone is that the XP service pack 2 is a free download, offering great enhancements and protection. The threats are becoming more and more advanced as technology increases, so it is always important to have the correct tools. Microsoft has made this a top priority, improving security all the time and bundling it in with this service pack.

The Features of Windows XP Service Pack 2

Well, as stated before the service pack has been designed specifically to improve the security issues. With this great service pack it offers a windows firewall, a pop up blocker, the windows security center, as well as many different security updates that make this software really worthwhile.

The Advantages

Problems and breaches of security happen all of the time, causing users to come under threat from both hackers and malicious programs. Something had to be done and that is why Microsoft released this service pack. With all of its extra-added security and great programs, this will protect the computer making it less prone to attack.

The Benefits of Service Pack 2

It is very beneficial to whoever downloads this software because of the improved internet browsing and with its security tools it makes it safer too. As soon as you download this, you will instantly feel at ease about your computer being protected and know that Windows is secure.

The pop up blocker is a great tool to stop annoying advertisements popping up onto the screen every two minutes. Also, the firewall blocks out any unsafe websites or software and can also stop people from hacking in.

So, in order to keep your computer safe and your windows XP running smoothly and securely, download Windows XP sp2 for your peace of mind today.

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System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems :
Windows XP
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows XP Professional Edition

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I'm going to download windows XP Service Pack 2 for my laptop it. Thanks for the download!
Terri , August 02, 2010
i am going to download now , quite bored with my vista thanx
jeevan , July 30, 2010

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