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Windows defender is an anti spyware program that has been released by Microsoft. This is their entry into the spyware removal arena. Spyware was a small program that was created to track users and report this information back to the author of the spyware. These programs have gained in popularity and have been adopted for a wider variety of uses.

The Windows defender download is one way to get one of the best anti spyware programs available today. This download is quick and easy to get and the benefit of it is well worth the effort. The program will help defend your computer from any spyware that is used for more harmful purposes. The spyware of today is used to hide Trojan viruses, steal personal information such as usernames, passwords and account information.

While spyware may not wreak the havoc on your computer that a virus will. They will wreak havoc on your personal life with identity theft being a major issue of concern today. Windows defender has the advantage of being created by the developers of the Windows operating system. This means that any fixes that are made will be correctly fixed.

The reviews by the professionals and the consumers alike have all been positive in regards to Windows defenders ability to get the job done right the first time. As with any form of spyware removal software it is not meant to be a replacement for an anti-virus program. It is a good compliment to the regular use of a currently licensed anti-virus software program.

This combination provides multiple levels of security for your computer. This is important to have because the number of viruses and spyware will not be getting any smaller. They number of spyware and viruses will only be growing larger with each passing day. With the ever growing complexity and inter connectedness of the programs today it becomes even more important to insure that you properly protect your computer and Windows defender is one very good step to doing that.

The biggest drawback to the use of Windows defender is the limited support for older operating systems. Windows defender supports Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 it however does not support Windows 95/98/ME. This is part of a wider plan by Microsoft to no longer support its older operating systems. There are other sources to gain anti-spyware support for your older versions of Windows.

Today with Windows defender you can protect your system and be assured that your system is safe from spyware. This is really one thing that you can do for yourself to help protect yourself and your family from the growing problems with identity theft.

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