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SUPERAntiSpyware Review - We Review one of the Top Spyware Scanners SuperAntiSpyware Professional

superantispyware professionalIf you are a regular user of computers either at work or at home, then you may be aware of the pain spyware inflicts on both your mind as well as your wallet.

In order to combat such spyware, users at one time, had a whole plethora of anti spyware products such as spyware scanners installed on their computers. Most of these spyware scanners were simply ineffective. In fact some of these spyware scanners themselves were filled with spyware and adware!

In this regard, Superantispyware Professional comes as a whiff of fresh air. The price of Superantispyware Professional is fully justified by the excellent work it does as a spyware scanner. At first look the interface of Superantispyware Professional appears to be confusing, but after a few days of usage it appears to be very intuitively laid out.

While most spyware scanners in the market perform scans only when explicitly requested by the user, Superantispyware Professional has a special real-time protection feature. This feature utilises a minimum amount of your computer’s RAM and helps provide a constant shield against spyware, Trojans and other malware. This is a feature which you can either enable or disable.

Another great aspect about Superantispyware Professional is that, if you suspect a particular file on your system to be malware, then you can have Superantispyware Professional’s spyware scanners, scan the file and send details about the file to their laboratories for further testing of the file. This way you are doing a bit to help the computer user’s community too!

Users of Superantispyware Professional can perform three different types of scans. These are the Quick Scan, Complete Scan and the Custom Scan. The Quick Scan is designed to provide a fast and efficient scan of your system. It checks all the running processes, the registry locations and also the most common places in which malware usually hide. On the other hand the Complete Scan checks all the running processes, registry locations and also every file on the hard disk drive fro spyware infections. The Custom Scan is for the expert users who can specify which particular areas they want the spyware scanner to scan.

Another exemplary feature of Superantispyware Professional is that you can schedule scans to be performed whenever you want. This means that you can schedule a scan to be performed when you are sleeping and thus save you some time and productivity during your working hours. If the spyware scanner of Superantispyware Professional accidentally removes a file, you can always restore it from the Quarantine folder.

Superantispyware Professional is one of the best spyware scanners in the market. It is capable of detecting and eliminating a wide variety of malware and spyware. Using Superantispyware Professional you can even scan a single file alone due to its integration with the Windows Shell.

All in all, Superantispyware Professional is one of the most advanced and reliable spyware scanners available. It does an exceptionally thorough job, and once you install Superantispyware Professional on your system you can stop worrying about your computer’s safety.

A comparison of SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition vs SuperAntiSpyware Professional

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SuperAntiSpyware Professional Free Download

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Product Infomation

Publisher SUPERAntiSpyware.com
File Size 6402 kb
Version 4.20
Added Aug 25, 2008
License Free Trial, $29.95
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Requirements None
Trial Limitations 30 day trial.

Superantispyware Professional does not contain any spyware, adware or virus.

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Superantispyware is one of the best out there. It helped me a lot cleaning a lot of computers.
Max Wallander , February 24, 2011

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