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Spyware Blaster Review

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Blast Free of Spyware With Spyware Blaster

It's time someone got tough with spyware, and though you can't blast the actual people who created the annoyance, at least you can blast the annoyance itself with Spy Blaster. Providing exceptional spyware removal and detection services for free, Spy Blaster not only destroys spyware that it finds on your system, it also prevents the installation of it.

Active-X, adware, dialers, browser hijackers, none of them are a match for the power of Spy Blaster.

In addition to having all the standard spyware protections, Spy Blaster also comes with a System Snapshot feature, which allows you to take a picture¯ of your system when it is clean. Later on the picture¯ is used to undo any damage or changes caused by Spyware.

Internet Explorer and Firefox are also supported by Spy Blaster. Cookies and tracking devices are blocked, and the sites that try and track your surfing are also restricted in their ability to operate. If you've been searching for freedom from almost constant monitoring on the Internet, Spy Blaster can help.

The latest version of Spy Blaster comes with a Turbo Update, allowing users to have the latest in protection more quickly than ever before. It also uses absolutely no system memory or resources once it has immunized your PC, which means you get the full advantages of spyware protection without the downsides of system drag.

Spy Blaster's immunization program is so effective that many users find no traces of spyware on their systems even months after using Spy Blaster. This is exceptional when compared to other spyware removal programs, and it's available for FREE. You get the latest updates regularly, so your PC will always stay protected, and with the preventative features, you'll never have to deal with the effects of having a PC clogged with adware again.

Packing a massive punch with a tiny download, (it's under 3MB), Spy Blaster is an essential part of any surfer's web arsenal.

Spyware Blaster v3.51
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