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SpySubtract the best spyware removal tool  Subtract the hassle from your life.

If you surf the Internet, then you can be sure that your computer is assailed daily by spyware and malware.

These small pieces of code try to download themselves to your computer for various purposes. Some track where you browse on the Internet, others search through your system for information about you, which is then relayed to those who have a use for your personal information.

A tool that enables spyware removal is essential and SpySubtract does just that. With an easy to use interface, it allows you to check your computer for spyware with the greatest of ease, and facilitates malware removal also.

SpySubtract doesn't just protect against adware, malware, and spyware, it also contains extras that allow you to delete cookies, and scrub your system's history clean. This is a great feature for anyone who doesn't want others to know exactly what they have been doing online and when they have been doing it. Additionally, SpySubtract contains a shredder, which allows the user to permanently delete files and make them unretrievable.

best spyware removal tool

Not only does SpySubtract provide all these features, it also includes a handy little package called SpySleuth. When you activate SpySlueth, the particular piece of malware you select is analysed. SpySleuth will then detect where it was downloaded from, and what program it is associated with. This is incredibly useful for avoiding future infestations, and boycotting sites that infect your computer with these annoying and sometimes malicious programs.

Sometimes avoidance alone isn't enough to protect your computer, and this is where the Venus Spy Trap comes in. This is a function that blocks spyware from being installed on your computer as you surf. This means you're protected even as you surf, and the likelihood of having to deal with spyware later on is much reduced.

If you're looking for a simple and easy to use program that will safeguard your PC from malware and spyware, this is a handy little tool that will serve you well.

With the new Anti Spyware Software: SpySubtract Pro, InterMute is pleased to announce that SpySubtract Pro software will now include CWShredder 2.0, the best defense against the CoolWebSearch Browser Hijack.

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