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Beware: Rogue Spyware Removal Utility Tool
If your PC gets infected with a spyware (by the way, NetBios is not a spyware), it is possible that it will make your computer life miserable.

Unwanted programs will run while you play that graphics crazy MMORPG that you recently bought but lo and behold due to these malicious files your game will run so slow, it will basically be like looking at pictures of the game and not playing at all.

So what do you do?
You look for a spyware removal utility tool that can protect your Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, XP or whatever platform you use.
But if you want to download an anti spyware software via the internet, then you may want to make sure that all it does is spyware detection, removal, enforcement and security.
It will also help if it has an antivirus feature that shields also from viruses, secure the privacy of you or your network or of your server but you have to make sure that is all your anti spyware does.
Because now, there is a proliferation of what are called rogue anti spywares that terrorize misinformed computer users.
An example of this is that rogue anti spyware related pop ups that will install these spywares’ ads automatically to your computer even if you choose to close that pop up’s window.
We have come a long way from the first anti adware programs that Steve Gibson made like OptOut (a.k.a. Opt Out, optoutexe) SheildsUp ! (a.k.a. ShieldsUp). But due to these rogue anti spywares, we still need to be careful in choosing our anti spyware programs.

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