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Etrust 95 Pestpatrol Review

Protect your Internet Privacy and prevent Identity Theft with Totally Free Spyware Removers Available
PestPatrol is a powerful security and personal privacy tool

Pest Patrol: High-Quality Spyware Protection

The next time you use your computer, how do you know whether or not you are being “watched?” Spyware attaches itself to personal computers everyday, learning about a user’s Internet habits and computer actions. Spyware will also snoop around important files and documents. The worst cases lead to stolen information, such as valuable passwords and credit card numbers.

Once infected, spyware remover is needed. After a computer has become clean, antispyware software will provide continued protection from future threats. Why not consider a helpful option that is filled with high-quality spyware features and protection, as seen with Pest Patrol from eTrust?


With Pest Patrol, computer users may choose a free version of the software or opt for the purchase of full etrust pestpatrol protection. The free version of pestpatrol features a complete system scan, automatic updates, low-level threat removal, as well as Sony Rootkit removal. For the price of $29.99, consumers may receive additional features in the full version, such as custom scan options, scheduled scans, as well as cleaning capabilities of all spyware. With both versions of pestpatrol, consumers will receive top-notch customer support for free.


When using etrust 95 pestpatrol, you will find that the software easily removes active spyware applications. Once downloaded onto a computer, pestpatrol becomes responsible for shielding your computer from future attacks. One of the most important advantages to choosing this antispyware selection deals with the protection of your online activity. Your Internet habits will stay hidden from those who roam about the Web with the intent to steal personal information. Additional advantages associated with Pest Patrol include adware popup blockage; hidden application detection; PC resource recovery; and web surfing control.


Since spyware infection of computers is quite common, consumers will benefit from the use of pestpatrol software because of advanced detection and removal features associated with the Etrust name. Once these intrusions are removed, consumers will immediately notice an increase in the speed of their computer network. Computer users will continue to benefit from the presence of Pest Patrol on their PC. Annoying pop ups will be blocked and personal information will be protected. A consumer will also benefit greatly from the elimination of threats to their computer beyond spyware and adware, such as keyloggers, browser hijackers, and remote access trojans.


PestPatrol 4.x Assistance Center is always available
PestPatrol's Center for Pest Research (CPR)
PestPatrol Tech Support

eTrust PestPatrol Download
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