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Macintosh Spyware - Protect yourself from Mac Spyware

There is no free Mac spyware removal programs that are legitimate. This is because the spyware that is written is for the PC and Windows in particular. Macintosh has never suffered the attacks on their system that there have been on the Windows operating system. Therefore there are companies that promote products to unsuspecting Macintosh customers to remove spyware that does not exist.

The introduction of Apple Macintosh OS X 10.4 and now OS 10.5 introduced a new feature that shows that perhaps there are spyware coming into the Macintosh world. The new feature that is included is one that checks all downloads and files for malicious software is known by names such as malware, trojan, spy ware, worm, and virus, some of which may be self replicating. There may be small amounts of these programs beginning to affect the Mac.

There has never been the flood of OS X spyware or viruses on the Mac and has been seen on the PC. For a long time it was something that people pointed to to prove that Apple was better than PC. The reality is that when someone want to cause damage they want it as wide spread as possible. There are for better or worse more PC’s out there than Apple Macintosh’s. The second reason for there being more attacks on PC’s than Mac’s was culturally it was more popular to attack Windows than to attack Macintosh.

Anti spyware for macintosh is something that has not been needed on Mac’s to date. Though there are several companies that do offer macintosh spyware tools for apple. Those that understand that Mac’s don’t get hit with viruses and spyware like the PC does don’t buy or get free spyware removal software for the Mac. The only ones that do are the ones that don’t know that Mac’s are not affected by the viruses and spyware that is out there.


The reason that Mac’s may becoming more open to the attacks today than in the past, may be because Apple's Video's about spyware & virus's called Trust Mac & Viruses

Also check out apple's website for this view on spyware & virus on a mac.
114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac.

Site back and enjoy the internet and your computer as Windows users rush out to buy the latest spyware, firewall and anti virus software, ALL are not needed on the Macintosh.

These is one site out there that does offers macintosh spyware tools, keystroke loggers & Trojans it's Macscan provided by securemac

Here is an older post but still very relevant from Sunbelt the makes of CounterSpy
Spyware in Mac Land?

Also a search on apple http://search.info.apple.com/?search=Go&lr=lang_en&kword=&type=&newstype=&q=spyware
shows eight results.

This is the only relevant result Mac OS X 10.4 automatically checks downloads for unsafe content

Do I need virus or spyware software for a Mac?

No. While no computer connected to the Internet will ever be 100 percent immune to viruses and spyware, the Mac is built on a solid UNIX foundation and designed with security in mind.

New unaired Get a Mac ad: "Viruses & Spyware"

New unaired Get a Mac ad called "Viruses & Spyware"

The short history of Mac malware: 1982 - 2011 - Naked Security

The short history of Mac malware: 1982 - 2011
Naked Security
A piece of Mac spyware called as Spynion (also known as OpinionSpy or PremierOpinion) came to light, attached to screensavers and other add-ons for users' Macs. Spynion would take advantage of users not properly reading End User License Agreements ...

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Now you girls and guys let me in on the secret. I wished I had known about this before I brought this vista computer. I could not afford both, laptop and desktop so I went with this vista only because window xp being phrased out.
Still this is great information to know.
JacquelynJones , May 14, 2011
One thing to note - Macs do not get PC's viruses - thats the catch right there "PC" viruses. Pc's get PC viruses, Macs get Mac viruses. There is plenty of malware and nasties out there aimed at the Mac user with no protection. If you want to stay safe on Mac, Windows or Linux - turn on your firewall and install AV software. I have been in IT for 10 years and the worst infection I have seen was on a pure Mac appletalk network (OS 7.x ahh the good old days) where every word doc was infected by a macro virus.
Aherne , October 12, 2010
Thanks ill be checking out the links and reading more on this subject.
Jack , August 03, 2010
Valuable information, thank you in behalf of millions of Mac users all over the world! Its amazing how hackers are very creative these days, I see that the Mac video challenged them a lot.
Haydee , July 23, 2010

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