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Lavasoft Adaware Review

This is a program that I have come to love and has been a main stay on my system for a very long time. Lavasoft Adaware is designed to find and remove spyware and adware from your computer system. There is a difference between the two. Spyware is generally designed to monitor your movements on the Internet to find out where you go.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2008 - Ad-Watch

In this tutorial movie from Lavasoft you will learn how Ad-Watch real-time monitor works and get some good tips on how to customize the settings to suit your needs. Ad-Aware 2008 Free is the world's most popular freeware anti-spyware with more than 3...

Adware is designed to place ads on your computer that will popup in you web browser. There are some that do not do any harm and there are others that can make your system inoperable. Some of the worst ones that I have come across made it almost impossible to use the Internet in any way.

The first one created a means by which grey ad boxes would popup in the middle of your screen and you would have to stop what you were doing to close them out. You did not have to be in your browser for them to popup. The other was a highjack program that took control of your browser and would redirect any entry to their website portal. This made it very hard to go anywhere online and the harddrive had to be cleaned several times to remove it.

This program is an award winner for the quality of the product and the work it does to keep your system up and running well. Lavasoft Adware download that works very well at keeping things clean. Once you have done that you can upgrade to the Personal Edition for a small fee to gain the extra protection that it offers.

This program has been a leader in the industry continually placing among the top companies. This is something that you really should do for yourself. It will protect your system from the harm that can be done to it. When you do install it I would recommend running it once a week to clean out any spyware that has collected in the previous week.

This combined with running a good anti-virus program will do a lot to keep your system functioning, as it should. This will extend the life expectancy of your harddrive and your computer as a whole. The bad guys out there will stop at nothing to gain access to your computer. They are always looking for ways to plant viruses or steel your private information.

By making sure you are running a good anti-virus and a good spyware/adaware remover program you will help stop people from getting your private information. Keep your private information just that, private.

Lavasoft Adaware

Adaware Rating

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Product Infomation

Publisher Lavasoft Adaware
File Size 2789 kb
Version 6.0
Added Dec 22, 2006
License Freeware
Windows 2000/XP/
Requirements None
Lavasoft Adaware 6 SE does not contain any spyware, adware or virus.

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Ad-Aware Lavasoft - 120.77MB (Non-Commercial Freeware). Description Technical Change Log Comments. Ad-Aware gives you comprehensive malware protection. With real-time monitoring, threat alerts, and automatic updates ...

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This software is very good I would recommend everyone to try it out.
Allan , August 03, 2010
Great review filled me in on everything about this product. I'm going to try this out and see how good it really is.
Shawn , August 01, 2010
I have heard lots of great feedback about this site, well I am not disappointed with what I have seen so far. You're software reviews are great resource material for people like me who's looking for feedbacks on softwares we can install. Thanks a lot!
Matt , July 31, 2010
My brother recommended this site and he was totally right keep up the fantastic work!
Dmitri , July 30, 2010
Awesome review! It looks like we share the same love for Lavasoft Adaware. It had been a main stay in my systems for the past 3-4 years and I am highly satisfied with the software.
Patrick , July 23, 2010

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