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INVISUS Antispyware Reviews: Advanced Antispyware Protection

When comparing the technology and features of INVISUS Antispyware, you will find numerous capabilities that other brands fail to deliver. When entrusting your computer and personal information to anti-spyware software, you want to make sure that you are getting the best in computer and Internet protection. Convenient features associated with this product includes comprehensive system scans, updated spyware database, Auto Updater; History Cleaner, Secure File Eraser and PC Explorer.


Through comprehensive system scans of INVISUS Antispyware, you will be able to take advantage of in-depth analysis of your hard drives, process, memory, registry and cookies. This can all be completed through scheduled or manual scans. Take control over your fight against spyware by choosing to quarantine or delete detected threats.

With the Secure File Eraser, you won’t have to worry about any trace of unwanted previous information or Internet activity being left on your computer. Any term paper, party photo, favorite song from the 80s, embarrassing home movie or application can be completely erased from your computer.

Overall, a consumer stands to take advantage of the many profession anti-spyware protection aspects that lack in other software titles. Let INVISUS stop the sharing of your personal information with the rest of the world, no matter how embarrassing, harmless, sacred or detrimental.


With the History Cleaner, consumers will greatly benefit from advanced protection of their privacy. This is achieved through eliminating the trail of information that is left behind on computers every time the Internet is used. INVISUS also provides consumers with what is referred to as the “Threatnet Community.” Users will benefit from the centralized research on spyware that is conducted by INVISUS and shared through the active protection feature of the software. As more and more information is collected and/or shared with INVISUS, the upgrades in anti spyware software will continue to advance.

One of the most feared occurrences connected to online activity is the threat of identity theft and stolen banking details, credit card numbers, and passwords. With INVISUS Antispyware and spyware remover techniques, harmful spy software, keystroke loggers, Web hijackers, Trojan horses, remote access tools and password crackers will be a thing of the past. These are just some of the advanced benefits of INVISUS Antispyware you just cannot ignore.


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Continuously monitors, detects, and removes more than 80,000 different hacker tools and spyware from your computer, including: spyware, adware, pests, spyware cookies, malicious spyware tools, trojan horses, keystroke loggers, password crackers, Remote Access Tools (RATs) and more.

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Invisus Anti Spyware Rating

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Great review for a great software. Invisus is already a trusted brand when we talk about anti spywares. Its by far the best that I have tried and I'm really satisfied with its features and capabilities. Thumbs up!
John , July 23, 2010

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