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Vipre Antivirus - Sunbelt Vipre Antivirus Review

How Vipre Antivirus Can Protect your Windows Computer.

PCWORLD says "Vipre Antivirus  had the highest detection rate in our tests. The most effective scanner--Vipre Antivirus --was also the fastest, taking only a minute to perform a complete scan of a system with 2.7GB of data.

Sunbelt Software's Vipre Antivirus  proved the most capable of the bunch, finding and stopping 93 percent of all the running processes created by our 45 test programs."

Spyware or more commonly called spybots infect your computer from the websites we visit.

Some sites use them more than others and there some sites that do not use them at all.

They are harmless unless you happen to have a lot of them in which they will slow your system down. This will impact the way your programs run.

Vipre Antivirus detects, deletes and protects you against spyware! 

Vipre Antivirus Software is not a freeware program like some other spyware removal programs out there. This is a fully supported program that you purchase and get regular updates to.

This program does a very good job of removing spyware from your computer. Tests on this product have shown a 93% successful removal rate, which is one of the highest in the industry.

vipre antivirus 

Vipre Antivirus is a valuable addition to your system protection measures and is a good portion of your regular maintenance program. It is recommended that you have a weekly maintenance program to insure the health of your computer and to extend the life of your harddrive. Spyware removal combined with a good anti-virus program will go a long way towards keeping your system healthy.

There are spyware that are released into the Internet world on a daily basis in much the same way as viruses have been. Trojan horse viruses are one of the more dangerous things that can come in the form of spyware. The purpose of spyware was to open a link to the creator of the spyware and allow them to track your movements online.

Now these same type of programs are being used not just to place adware on your system but to also infect it with viruses like the Trojan horse class of viruses. This is a dangerous evolution of the spyware program. Today they can create plug-ins for your web browsers, add toolbars to you web browsers and many more things.


Vipre Antivirus  also has a web site that has the latest news of spyware threats that are out there. They also have available the fixes to find and remove them as they are identified. This is very much like what is done by the anti-virus companies out there. When they find out about a new virus the isolate it and write a program to remove it from your system and repair the damage.

Today this very same process is what is being done on the spyware removal front. No matter what fix is developed by any of these companies there will be someone out there that is going to find a way around it.

That is why you are told to make sure you keep your anti-virus and spyware removal software current with all the latest fixes installed. It is for your own protection. Just ask anyone that has used anti-virus software that is a couple of years old what happened to them.

See the Vipre Antivirus comparison chart here.

vipre antivirus comparison 

Vipre Antivirus offers computer users free 15-day eval of Vipre Antivirus .

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well its working like nothing I've ussed before keep up the good work.
Serame , June 23, 2010 | url

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