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At Risk for Spyware, At Risk for Identity Theft - And Worse.

The Internet.

The Internet is a melting pot of ideas, people and cultures. As such, spending 10 minutes surfing the net will reveal the similarities between the Internet. In the offline world, you have hard-working people, honest people and thieves.


On the Internet, you have valid opinions, real business people and scheming, lying cheats. On the Internet, the less-than-honest types come in many forms: spam emails, scam emails and, of course, spyware and adware that does the equivalent of "breaking and entering" on your computer. Your personal property, even your identity, is immediately put at risk.

Just as you wouldn't walk down a deserted alleyway at midnight, there are activities you should avoid on the Internet.

One of the biggest dangers on the Internet is a type of hidden, undetectable software called spyware. This type of software latches onto your system and, from under the radar. It watches and records your activities.

If you aren't careful, spyware can cost you money, security and even legal trouble. Imagine getting a bill for a credit card or a bank when you didn't spend the money. Whoever has your information stole not only your money, but your identity too.

Without following the proper guidelines, you could wind up in court, the unwitting victim of the all too popular Identity theft crime. This is just one "problem" you could easily face if you're not careful on the Internet.

Adware is another Internet problem most surfers will encounter. It sounds just like spyware and it acts similarly too. It doesn't wait for you to ask; it doesn't seek your permission. It looks to see if your computer's "door is unlocked," and it just comes in.

What does adware do? It takes over your computer's functions, showing you ads, whether you want to see them or not. If you've ever seen a pop-up to window with an advertisement on your screen open time and time again until 40 windows are open, then you've met adware. If you haven't had that experience, then be cautiously happy. Having so many windows open at once greatly reduces the speed at which your computer operates.

However, spyware and adware do more than spy and show ads. Most of them also carry viruses. Some viruses take over your desktop, displaying some image or graphic, others take over Internet pages, preventing you from going to the websites you choose. And let's not leave out the ones that scan your system to mine any of your unprotected, sensitive, personal information.

You should now have a good idea of what can happen to you if you're not careful on the Internet. Hopefully, by now you're wondering, "How do I BE careful?" But..

Knowing where to go and where to avoid going is only part of the battle. You Must A) Avoid the problem areas on the Internet, and B) Take precautionary action to protect your computer.

Avoiding Internet “Problem” Areas.

So let's get back to where the danger lies. One of the most common sources of adware or spyware is emailed. Here's the general rule to follow: Don't open an email from someone you don't know, but if you do - DO NOT click on any links in that email. Even if the link says "google.com" or some other site that is familiar, there is a way to have it say google, but lead somewhere else where spyware or adware can install itself.

In addition, avoid clicking on links found in pop-ups, ESPECIALLY pop-ups that say something similar to "Warning! You have spyware, click here to remove it." You won't be removing it. You'll be installing it.

The Only Path to a Clean Computer.

Let's pretend that it's too late, that the worst has already happened. Your computer is loaded with virus-filled spyware and adware. What do you do now? Thankfully, good people on the Internet are just as easy to find as the bad ones. The good ones are in the form of spyware and adware removal tools. One of the most popular of which is called Spybot Search & Destroy. It's free to install and simple to use. Another great one and I have to say it's my personal favorite, is called Ad-Aware 6.0 Personal. There's usually an update every 15 days. It will tell you when to check for updates so you'll always be able to get rid of the newest type of virus.

Still, another often-mentioned removal tools is called: Hijack This. Viruses typically take over your computer without your permission. Thus when you have viruses, you are said to have been "hijacked." Again, this is a free tool you can download and use. This one is a bit more complex in that you need to delete items found in your computer's registry, so don't use it unless a professional is helping you.

Speaking of professional help, you don't always have to pay for it.

A good way to fight a spyware or adware takeover is to find those experts who impart their knowledge at no cost. Since there are so many people surfing the Internet - millions of people in fact - the odds are that you're not the first person to run into whatever problem you're facing. In the majority of cases, you should be able to find the right spyware or adware removal tools by reading about someone who has already faced the same problem. It's a more time-consuming process, but when your computer is suffering from a hostile takeover, it might be worth the effort if you don't know what else to do.

If You Don’t Quickly Get Rid of Spyware..

The situation can get pretty bad if you don't know what to do, you do nothing and let it fester. Some symptoms of a viral imposition range from minor annoyances, to total incapacitation. While you're browsing through pages, for instance, you might only notice a few pop-ups that seem to open in groups. Legitimate websites would not do that to a customer.

Other times, you may try to connect to the Internet and notice that your homepage has been changed to something else, like "about: search" or something similar. If your situation is worse, your computer's processing speed will be most likely slow to a snail's pace. That includes how fast website pages load and how fast regular programs work like Microsoft word or an image manipulation program. In the worst cases, you won't be able to use the Internet at all and as soon as you manage to connect, a host of pages will open one after the other, as we mentioned before.

The bottom line is that spyware and adware was made to take over your computer, to steal your personal information or steal your time by displaying endless numbers of pop-ups. The only way to stay clear is to have a few really effective removal tools on your computer. Then all you need to know is to stay away from fishy emails and links. You don’t want to have to deal with a frozen computer – you can lose a lot of your information, so be prepared!


Spyware and Adware take over your computer, many times installing viruses. The only way to protect your computer is to use effective removal tools. Don’t wait – do it now!

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