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Free Spam Blockers: Stopping Spam for Free
We talk about free spam blockers software or programs that keep your inbox spam free.

You must have ignored them before but they seem to grow by the day. You should know that an average computer user gets more than 10 spam email messages per day. And the number is constantly growing. If you have failed to check your inbox for a few days, don’t be surprised to see so many unwanted stuffs there. If they are starting to get in your nerves and you are keen in stopping spam for free, you should know first what you are up against.

These unsolicited email messages count about 90 billion across the world every day An average computer user can receive over 2,000 of these nuisances year on year. The more troubling part is it is not stopping its growth. There are a lot of anti spam software, blockers, filters but the geniuses behind these spams always manage to find a way around.

So, it could be accurate to say that while there are so many spam killers to stop this menace like free spam blockers, you couldn’t really put a stop to this activity of spamming. But, it’s better to have them controlled than not to control them at all, right?

And so, we turn to the free spam blockers for help. A spam blocker is what its name suggests, it blocks spam from getting into your email. In general, spam blockers can accomplish an efficiency of 90% in terms of blocking or filtering all unwanted email messages. This not only solves the threat to a depleting bandwidth, but it also protects the computer from getting infected with harmful computer viruses, spyware, and adware programs. There are more efficient spam blockers that can achieve 99%.

There are anti spam software packages that offer free trial. When installed, these trial blockers will stop the spam email even before they reach the inbox. The program sweeps through the email account for possible spams, virus, or pornographic materials. For messages that the system is unsure of, they are taken to a separate mailbox for bulk messages. These bulk messages await manual moderation by the user. Once an action is detected from the user, the system will remember it for next sweep.

Stopping spam for free is as easy as using what’s ready available from your email clients. Most free email programs have their own configurations for such. Just key in the filter parameters you wish to be followed and you will be able to automatically classify all email messages that you receive.

Free Spam blockers are really very easy to install. There really isn’t much technical configuration necessary in making it delete spam instantly. If the free spam blocker does its job well and you get your inbox back, then you reduce the risk of being infected with virus, and you also receive only those that you expect to receive.

There are free trials of these free spam stoppers. They could block your spam email messages for you for a specific period of time. If you’re happy with the results and the functionality, you will be asked to purchase the full version at the end of the trial period. The full version often has more features in store for you. Just make sure that you are clear on the pricing because some costing may be deceiving especially during trial. The average price for a spam blocker after the free trial ranges from $5 to over $20 every month. There are so many free spam blockers to download, so that may well keep you from buying for another 30 days if you don’t mind installing and configuring repeatedly.

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It's more informative and easy to understand. Thanks a lot such a nice guideline.
Raimund , July 30, 2010

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