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    Free Anti Spam Software Downloads

    antispamsoftwareWhen you hear the word ‘spam’, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

    If you do not have a computer and have never been online, you will think of the pork product that comes in a can. If, however you have been online and you have an email account, you know all too well what spam is.

    Spam is defined as any unwanted email that you receive and, generally, the most danger they present is that your inbox fills up and you cannot get the messages you do want.

    The kinds of things that you do online will have a great deal to do with the amount of spam you get. The minute you sign up for some freebie online, you can be assured that within twenty-four hours you inbox will begin to fill with spam.

    Latest Internet spam scam: 'You have a ticket' -

    Latest Internet spam scam: 'You have a ticket'Examiner.comThe spam, which spoofed a e-mail address, claimed to be from the New York State Police (NYSP). Complainants, throughout the US and internationally, reported that the e-mail indicated a ...

    It has become such a problem that there has been legislation written and passed that is intended to protect you from spam. While this legislation cannot prevent you from getting spam, it does allow you an ‘opt out’ feature.

    When you use the ‘opt out’, you are supposed to be dropped from their mailing list within a few days. You can also control the amount of spam by not clicking on anything that says ‘free’ or ‘subscribe to a newsletter’ without checking the ‘do not send me any third party’ checkbox.

    These things will certainly help reduce the amount of spam you receive. All of the newer email systems have spam software (filters) that you can use to remove spam from your inbox before you see it.

    These spam blockers (filters) will need to be trained. What do we mean by ‘trained’? This means that when you get an email that you did not ask for and do not want, you mark it as spam. By telling the email program that a particular email is spam, it will separate it out when it shows up again.

    What is Spam?

    This how-to video explores the world of Spam: what it is, how it reaches your PC, and importantly, what you can do to prevent Spam. Running Time: 2 mins, 34 secs

    Most modern email programs have a spam folder that all the spam is place in. It is a good idea, while you are training your spam filter, to check on what is in the spam folder before you empty it.

    This will allow you to make sure that something you do want is not labeled as spam by mistake is not deleted. If you are using an older version of an email program that does not have spam software, there are several anti-spam packages that are available.

    Spam Shredder and McAfee SpamKiller are just a couple of programs that are available to stop spam from getting into your inbox. You will also need to train these to know the difference between spam and your regular email.

    Spam email: “Is Steve Jobs Really Dead?”. Beware! | Emsisoft Blog

    News about the death of Steve Jobs has been exploited by cyber-criminals by sending spam emails associated with this incident. The spam email has a subject like.

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