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Windows XP Speed Tweaks

Getting More From Windows XP

Are you satisfied with what you have? Or do you want more? You might have the latest system, but can XP be even better? The answer is indisputably yes. Though you may not have realized it before, your computer is capable of faster speeds than you currently have, even with the DSL connection you're using.

Windows TWEAK - Faster Shutdown

Visit PCWizKidsTechTalk.com - Tips and Tweaks Make Windows XP or Vista shutdown faster with a quick registry tweak. Notes from Video Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control. Click on the "Control" Folder. Select "WaitToKillSer...

Even though you plug in the capacity for lighting fast downloads, things can get clogged up. You'll have noticed this yourself. Sometimes, things just seem to crawl and when you use other computers, like the ones in Internet Cafes, you may notice that they are faster.

It's not that they necessarily have better technology, it’s that they know how to unlock its potential and now you can too, with Windows XP tweaks. What is a Windows XP tweak? Essentially, it is a way to access your system registry and 'tweak' the settings to their optimum values for your particular set up.

Like a racecar with sensitive gearing, your PC has a myriad of settings that you normally cannot touch. Though, if set correctly, they can improve your surfing experience and PC performance considerably.

True or False? 10 Tweaks to Speed ... - TuneUp Blog about Windows


10 Tweaks to Speed Up Your PC's Boot Time (Part 1). 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars 4 ... Windows Performance Analyzer showed a total boot time of 168 seconds—that's when all of the services and start-up items finished loading. The Asus tablet needed ... If you're running multiple operating systems (for example, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux) on one machine, you'll be greeted by something similar to the image below when you power on your PC. The boot manager ...

A good program for Windows XP tweaks is DRTCP. This program is an interface that allows you to change settings in your registry without the need to go digging yourself with difficult code and whatnot. The simple GUI will allow you to input values and play with the settings yourself.

A word of caution - always make a note of what the original settings were and make sure all back ups are up to date. The registry can be a strange and dangerous place for the unwary and you don't want to mess things up in there.

That said, there are plenty of directions for you to follow as you tweak settings like RWIN, Selective Acks, MTU Settings and more. If those all sounded like gibberish to you, don't worry. These are all settings that control the amount of data that flows and how it is transmitted.

So are you ready for faster speeds? Ready to turn that PC into a lean, mean surfing machine? Go ahead. As long as you read the directions and, more importantly, follow them, you can't go wrong.

Windows XP Tweak - Save CPU and Memory Resources

Visit PCWizKidsTechTalk.com - Tips and Tweaks When Windows XP starts, you have many services that are started and consume CPU and system memory. Not all of these services are needed and quite a few can be disabled. This tutorial shows you have to imp...

Changes XP MTU to 1400

Are you on a DSL connection and are having problems viewing certain web pages and sending email? This MTU tweak can help

Windows XP - How to speed up Windows XP (pro) using free software

64 Using Tweak With Tweak UI - Better description of the video tutorial in text format: www.vid4.us - Don`t forget to subscribe


TuneUp Utilities 2012 review - BetaNews


TuneUp Utilities 2012 reviewBetaNewsAnd of course there are many benefits here not based on performance, like the improved Registry editor and Windows tweaking tool. You could produce a similar effect by using other PC optimisation tools, of course, ...

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Good read, you can tweak XP services for better performance and security, have a read of this http://www.techhelpcentre.com/...p?t=291677.
Techhelper111 , May 10, 2011
thanks for sharing...:-)
jebat , November 01, 2010

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