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Yahoo Toolbar Download - Free Pop up Blocker

free download yahoo pop up blocker

You're surfing the Web and all of a sudden. An annoying advertisement pops up on the screen.

The more you stay online. The more ads keep appearing, obstructing your view from the important information you seek.

This is when a popup blocker really comes in handy.

A popular pop up stopper on the market is called the Yahoo Toolbar, and it is conveniently free to download onto your computer.


With the Yahoo Toolbar, you will be able to enjoy one of the best free pop up blockers available to the public.

This sort of popup blocker also provides additional features that make visiting the Web a much better experience.

Not only can you put a stop to irritating pop ups, but you will also enjoy a helpful spyware removal tool that is offered for free through the Yahoo Toolbar.

download yahoo pop up blocker


Users also enjoy the Smart Tools feature of the toolbar, which furthers the highlighting process of text.

This built-in feature accompanies the Yahoo Toolbar 6.1 pop up stopper download.

With this feature, you will have the advantage of performing online assignments at a faster pace with increased ease.

Some of the things Smart Tools allows you to accomplish, includes Web Search, Save to my Web and Translate options.

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The advantage to choosing the Yahoo Toolbar popup blocker is that it efficiently stops the windows that attempt to automatically open onto your screen.

download yahoo pop up blocker


Users are conveniently notified on the toolbar when a popup has been blocked, so that they can check possible slips of legitimate information.

The Yahoo pop up blocker eliminates the appearance of pop-up and pops-under ads, unnecessary loading windows, new windows that open once you depart a site and windows that appear when you close a browser. All of these things scream for a pop up stopper.


With the Allowed List feature, you can control what kind of pop ups you may accept from specific sites that you trust. These Free Pop up Blockers will also allow new windows from links to open onto your computer.


You can also override the Yahoo Pop Up Blocker by pressing the CTRL key and a link at the same time.

Error messages will also still appear, as well as pop-up windows already installed onto your computer.

Benefits of a Free Pop up Blockers

When it comes to outfitting your Internet experience with a popup blocker, Windows Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users can benefit from this toolbar.

In no time, you, too, can enjoy a personalized adventure about the Internet.

free download yahoo pop up blocker

You will be able to search from anywhere on the Internet with the convenience of a pop up stopper and anti-spyware capabilities. You will also be able to customize and gain access to your toolbar from any personal computer that you happen upon.

Also, when you download Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer, you will benefit from a free Norton Spyware Scan.

All in all the Yahoo toolbar is a must if you use Yahoo for your internet searches.

Download Yahoo Toolbar with Anti-Spy for Internet Explorer
Download the Yahoo Toolbar for Firefox

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Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer

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Just want to download, couldn't find pop up blocker.

Theresa, if you use google chrome http://www.supportcave.com/web...owser.html or firefox http://www.supportcave.com/web...nload.html(which I recommend over Internet Explorer) they both have built in popup blockers.

If your looking for the yahoo popup blocker. Get it here http://ca.toolbar.yahoo.com/
theresa gross , March 24, 2011
Real Need of any internet user Yahoo toolbar is the bast one for pop blocker th
jgjhg , August 20, 2010
This is a great popup blocker pop ups can be very annoying and can slow down a computer.
Elton , July 30, 2010
Real Need of any internet user Yahoo toolbar is the bast one for pop blocker
Lowell , July 30, 2010
My fave feature off of the Yahoo Toolbar, the pop up blocker. Those pesky ads doesn't have the chance against an effective Pop up blocker. Without pop up blocker I would imagine myself closing windows for hours.
Apple , July 23, 2010

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