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Free Bing Bar (formerly MSN Toolbar) Download - Pop Up Blocker Software

Bing Bar (formerly MSN Toolbar) It Blocks, It Scores.

Microsoft is never far behind where computing innovation is concerned and the Free Bing Bar (formerly MSN Toolbar) Download - Pop Up Blocker Software and pop up blocker is no exception to this rule.

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This free pop up blocker allows you to control the flow of content to your PC by refusing access to pop ups.

This means relief for many Internet users who are used to cringing every time they visit a new site, hoping that they won't be utterly spammed by pop ups that can cover the screen entirely with utterly inappropriate content and freeze the computer completely.

Bing New Bing Bar available for download today - Search Blog - Site ...


Today we are excited to announce the launch of Bing Bar, available for download here. Engineered from the ground up, the new Bing Bar gives you quick access to all the stuff you do online. Conducting a search, checking ...

This is never fun, especially if you're at work.

The tool bar also works with other MSN products like Hotmail, to let you know at a glance of you have any new mail in your Inbox.

It also has access to MSN messenger, right from the browser window.

This kind of integrated design can make your web experience much smoother, removing the need to launch multiple programs from the start menu.

It's all simply right there.

You can add and remove functions easily, choosing from functions like specific types of searches, which includes News, Dictionary, Shopping, and so many more.

Free Bing Bar (formerly MSN Toolbar) Download - Pop Up Blocker Software

There is also a very ingenious little function called a highlighter that allows you to search a page for a specific term and any instances of the term found on the page are then highlighted for your convenience.

The Free Bing Bar (formerly MSN Toolbar) Download - Pop Up Blocker Software is so much more than a pop up blocker, matching other products at absolutely no cost to the user.

The sheer convenience of this pop up blocker is enough reason alone to download it. Add in the extra features and the integration with your other Microsoft products and you have an exceptionally useful tool that you can have in mere minutes.

So what are you waiting for, download the Free Bing Bar (formerly MSN Toolbar) Download - Pop Up Blocker Software?

Download Bing Bar (formerly MSN Toolbar)

Bing Bar (formerly MSN Toolbar) Rating

Microsoft's Bing Bar takes the clutter and complexity out of browser ...


This old crankypuss might soon be spending time at the new Bing Bar, which is a helluva good name, by the way. There's much to like about Bing: The advertising, the name and most importantly the approach to user interface ...

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i am installing msn toolbar for purpose of search engine and it has also pop blocker facility
Sarilyn , July 30, 2010

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