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Free Popup Blocker - Google Toolbar Pop up Blocker Download

Pop ups Begone – The Google Pop Up Blocker

Introducing Google Toolbar 7

With a fresh look and new features, Google Toolbar 7 is now faster, sleeker, and more personalized than ever before. Install it free at: www.google.com

Google Toolbar

Pop-ups are incredibly annoying. They disturb your surfing, clog your computer with unwanted traffic and can place unwanted cookies in your system.

They're more than just a brightly colored annoyance, they can actually put your data at risk.

This is why you need a tool to get rid of them.

You need a pop up blocker, the Google tool bar pop up blocker, to be precise.

There are several reasons why this is an excellent product to use.

The first is that it is very easily accessible, just go to Google to download it.

It is also a free product, which puts a smile on everyone's face. It doesn't just stop there, either.

It happens to also be a very good pop up blocker, blocking almost all pop ups automatically.

Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Want to know more? Go to toolbar.google.com.

You can choose to always allow pop ups from a site or just allow them temporarily if there's something you want to check out.

The Google pop up blocker also records how many pop ups it has blocked, so you can see if you are on a site that is trying to steal your bandwidth and cheat you by loading pop up after pop up on your screen.

Of course, you also get the added benefits of having the rest of the Google tool bar, with the Google search function, spell checker, autofill, RSS subscription option and so much more.

Image via Flickr

The tool bar is also customizable so that you can just keep the functions you want on the screen and, of course, it's always readily accessible, sitting right at the top of your browser window, under the navigation bar.

It's two thumbs up for this great little free product from Google that saves you the hassles of popups, while still allowing you the freedom of choice to use them if you'd like.

Download the google toolbar for firefox

How to get Google Toolbar working on Firefox 5

Add-on: addons.mozilla.org Google Toolbar: www.google.com FireFox 4: www.filehippo.com (english) - if you install the english version of firefox 4 and then upgrade to Firefox 5 with your language it will be in your language than (google toolbar also)

Google Toolbar bumped from Microsoft's Skype - iT News


Ghacks Technology NewsGoogle Toolbar bumped from Microsoft's SkypeiT NewsSkype's first software update after Microsoft formally took control was to bump the Google Toolbar from the product's Windows installation. “Removed Google product bundling,” Sk ...

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I didn't know that the Google Toolbar has a popup blocker. Thanks for the review. It integrates google searching and security features very well.
Jerry Hom , February 24, 2011

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