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Kindly Give This Matter An Urgent Attention - Bank of Nigeria Scam Example

Not a bank email Kehinde Lawanson


Greetings to you.

I am Mr.Kehinde Lawanson Executive Director of FIRST BANK OF NIGERIA PLC Lagos And West . I have urgent secret information for you, which will be of vital help to you. I cannot keep it further as my conscience reminds of my duties as one who believes in equity and fair play, my boss and some of his colleagues from several other ministries who are assigned with the duty of transferring this money to you have conspired together to divert your fund to another account and the strategy they employed was by demanding several charges from you,all the demand are illegal just to frustrate you to abandon your funds.My boss is currently working with the finance minister,attorney general of the federation and some many commercial banks chief executives to perfect his evil activities.He has counterparts in almost every countries like london,spain,holland taiwan, hongkong, indonesia etc.

This will then open an avenue for them to tag your payment as unclaimed payment and will have it transfer to their own coded account overseas.As a matter of fact, my boss (Mr.Stephen Olabisi Onasanya, the Managing Director/CEO of this bank and Prof. Charles C. Soludo) the forma Executive Governor Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and his colleagues instructed me to change your payment details with the one they have just nominated for immediate transfer.they will frustrate you for ever because they will never do the right thing since the quest for too much wordly gains has blinded his sence of reasoning.i am incharge of crediting comptroller to infuse all those information but i am purposely delaying as my mindset does not accept such evil.

I can release this fund to you if I am sure that I will be protected because immediately I release it, I will have to leave office,if I do not my life will be in danger. This money will be transferred to their private account on before any moment from now. If you are willing to get your payment direct into your account or any other means, call me: +234-704-192-1728 or email me and reconfirm your account particulars,other related information if you chooses other legitmate ways and your contact details immediately on the receipt of this message. At the receipt of this letter kindly call me or you forward your confidential cell phone number to me but don't expose it even those you are currently dealing with both locally and internationally are agents of my boss so desist from them or you will remain poor in your life.

Kindly consider this secret information as highly privileged and should be kept till the end of time as having it divulged is a great risk on my side. it will interested, do not bother to reply, otherwise your prompt response will do you a lot of good by having the right things done in your payment files and documents which was irregularized by unknown crooks.

I want to help you pull out this fund to your bank account using the easiest and the quickest method, which have not been made known to you before. By this method, you will open a domiciliary/online account with this bank (First Bank of Nigeria), your fund would be lodged into this domiciliary account and your fund will be paid in directly to any bank of your choice in your country. After the transfer, you will confirm the fund in your bank account within 1hour the same day.

Looking forward to your immediate response.

For further clarifications, do not hesitate to call my office on : +234-704-192-1728.

Yours faithfully.

Mr.Kehinde Lawanson

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Well,those who think that easy money can go that way,can try their luck.
Idris , June 24, 2011
Nigerian scams are the worst and some of these people who think them up must think we are stupid. I wonder if anyone has ever falling victim to them?
Travis , July 31, 2010
OMG thats great thats brilliant !
Yohannes , July 30, 2010

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