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What Are Your Children Doing on the Net?

Parental Controls: FAIL -- Internet Timer Hard-Stop

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The Internet is a vast land filled with many different avenues to explore. The possibilities that the Web brings is a thrill for both adults and children, who often need a little looking after.

Through resources like parental control software, guardians can enforce rules that make sure that their young ones are not exposed to sensitive Internet issues. When it comes to surfing the Internet, parents should worry about three main threats regarding the Web safety of their children.

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The first threat deals with the natural curiosity of kids to explore the ins and outs of the Internet, checking out anything and everything. The second comes in the form of inappropriate material who young eyes shouldn’t have access to, such as pornography and violence. The third threat is the most dangerous and deals with Web predators that prey on the young, often engaging in unsuitable contact.

Parental controls for the Internet offer options for parents to monitor, as well as limit the kind of websites that their children will have access to. Parental controls allow mothers and fathers to block websites that may contain nudity, graphic language, and violence.

Monitor vs Block

Depending on the age of your children, there are different approaches to using parental controls. For instance, when dealing with younger children, your main concern might be to block all websites you deem inappropriate.

Younger Internet users have a knack for coming across the wrong websites by accident. They often click on links without really knowing what they are and where they lead.

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As for teenagers, parental control software is a good way to know the habits of your children as they mature into young adults.

Being aware of the Internet material your teens are both exposed to and interested in can act as an alert when it is time to have “the birds and the bees talk,” as well as limit their contact with strangers.

Currently, websites like MySpace are becoming an increasingly popular social scene for teenagers, which do not limit the material posted on personal web pages.

Nudity, sex, violence, abusive language, and anything else a person wishes to display can be found. In regard to MySpace, parental control software also gives parents an idea on the type of people their children are interacting with.

Websites to Block

There is a wide range of websites that mothers and fathers use parental controls to restrict access. Pornography-related sites often top the list.

Parental control software is also used to monitor and block the activities and information regarding: MySpace, politics, racism, religion, illegal drugs, erotica, gambling, violence, bomb making, hate speech, hacking, and chat forums. In some cases, parents can even use parental control software to access to the Internet.

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