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Internet History Cleaner - Clean Your Internet History with CCleaner

CCleaner why your Windows Vista & XP must have it.

If you are somebody who respects your privacy, and do not want others to know anything about your personal browsing habits, then CCleaner is an absolute must for you. Did you know that all major browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari all leave behind traces of your browsing history on your computer? This happens even if you have set your browser to automatically delete your browsing history.

So, how do you keep all this information to yourself?

There are two ways to do this: either manually sit and delete all your cache files and hundreds of other history files, and risk screwing up your browser, or simply install an internet history cleaner.

These internet history cleaners are small pieces of software which help you to maintain your privacy by cleaning your entire internet history.

Out of the many internet history cleaners available in the market to erase internet history, one of the easiest to use and best internet history cleaner is CCleaner. CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and internet history cleaner. This means that you get to retain your privacy at absolutely no cost at all!

CCleaner not only cleans up your entire internet browsing history, it also removes unused files from your desktop, which enables Windows to run faster and also saves a lot of valuable hard disc space. CCleaner is also guaranteed to be spyware and adware free, which means that your computer remains as clean as ever.


Jeff Durbin Co-Host of Talk Tech with CTI demonstrates how to download and install CCLEANER. Jeff also demonstrates how to Run CCLEANER to clean up the clutter on your computers. There are more videos on my blog at talktechwithcti.com

Not only does CCleaner clean internet history recorded by mainstream programs such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, it also erases internet history recorded by other third party applications such as Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Nero, Adobe Acrobat etc. CCleaner can also be used to clean up your Windows registry, and hence it also helps in maintaining your computer safe and clean apart from erasing browsing history.

CCleaner is an extremely thorough internet history cleaner, which erases all forms of your internet history such as browser history, cookies, Recycle Bin, Clipboard, Windows Temporary Files, Windows Log Files, Recent Documents items on the Start menu, etc. This makes sure that your browsing history remains known only to you and to no-one else.

CCleaner has several advanced features such as cleaning up of Tray Notifications cache, Menu Order cache, User Assist history and custom folders. This makes CCleaner the most thorough internet history cleaner available in the market today. CCleaner can also be used to fix various errors in your windows system registry such as missing or deprecated DLLs, which helps in running your computer more smoothly.

CCleaner is one of the very few internet history cleaners which were built with the safety aspect in mind. CCleaner has several built-in checks, in order to ensure that CCleaner does only erases internet history files and no other files. This helps prevent important information from being accidentally deleted. Hence your data is always maintained safe.

CCleaner also has the feature of overwriting files completely before they are erased. This makes it impossible for any file recovery software to recover a confidential file. What’s more CCleaner is the only internet history cleaner which is available in more than 35 different languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Romanian. So download and install CCLeaner, the tool to erase internet history, right away!

Download CCleaner and clean your internet history today!

After you install CCleaner Click here for a Quick Tour of CCleaner's features!

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A friend recommended this to me and it seems that it's a lightweight software. Perfect for occasional use. Thanks for the download link!
Mallory Pauls , February 24, 2011
Ccleaner is a must have tool for every user. I use it all the time and it never let me down
Scarface , February 24, 2011
that tool must be try for every user !
Kwon , July 30, 2010

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