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Online Privacy

Protecting your Online Privacy

In today’s cyber society, protecting online privacy of all consumer's has fast become the number one concern of both consumers and online business owners.

Online privacy leaks worsen; “Do not track” gains steam | Reuters ...


More companies know more about you than previously thought, and stopping them from secretly building profiles of you is a lot harder than just pressing a button. But there are some things you can do to maintain your privacy.

Anyone who has had either his or her credit card or identity stolen can tell you that is a nightmare getting your life back. It can take years for a person to return to the financial status they had before the theft.

Every site that you go to on the Internet has a disclaimer that your privacy will be protected. Personal information is not disclosed or sold to third parties. They guarantee that your information is safe and secure. They claim that your online privacy is protected on all levels.

Yet everyday, sites are being hacked into and personal information is being stolen by people who for what ever reason feel that they are above the law.

The number of consumers who shop online has risen in drastically in recent years and continues to rise. The convenience of finding what you need at the click of a mouse anytime of the day or night without standing in line or fighting traffic is enticing to everyone. However, with the growing threat of theft, many people are becoming wary of submitting their personal information online. People need to feel that their online privacy is protected.

The state of online privacy

A 7-minute video interview with Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, about the state of online privacy and the challenges citizens face today with regard to both the government and corporations. Conducted a...

Studies have indicated that as much as one quarter of the population will not shop online because of fear that their information will be released. Protecting online privacy should be at the top of the list for lawmakers.

How many times have you gone online to find information, or shopping, gone through the sign up process at various sites, and a few days later, your inbox is flooded with useless junk mail that you neither signed up for nor requested. Although there are links in these emails to be removed from the mailing list, your information has already been released to be sold over and over again.

Despite what many people believe, it is not difficult to obtain personal information. Law enforcement and Government officials do it everyday to catch cyber criminals using high tech software.

People who want your personal information for illegal purposes have no problem finding and this software to wreak havoc on innocent people’s lives.

Many people, consumers as well as business have taken steps to reduce or eliminate the threat of hackers stealing their information.

Special protocols have been developed to keep hackers from obtaining information, however, they are overriding these protocols soon after they are developed.

Concern over online privacy has led to new laws being introduced to ensure a safe Internet experience. These laws are tough on cyber criminals with the hope that they will be deterred.

A case against online privacy - ZDNet (blog)


ZDNet (blog)A case against online privacyZDNet (blog)Of course all this privacy noise comes with no explanation as to what's wrong if Amazon tries to study what their users are doing on the Internet. Here's what happens if Facebook, Amazon, Bing, Goo ...

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