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Identity Theft
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    Understanding and Preventing Identity Theft

    The incidents of identity theft are on the rise and it is taking place all over the world, including the United States. No matter who you are, you could be a victim of identity theft, especially if you do not understand how it works and take identity theft protection measures to keep you and you information safe.

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    The rate of identity theft is extremely high, and this type of crime seems to be exploding everywhere, and it often leaves the victims with nowhere to turn.

    The best thing you can do to combat this crime is to work on identity theft protection and make sure that you understand identity theft and how it works.

    Identity Theft Basics

    It is important that everyone realizes that identity theft is more than a mishap, but it is actually a crime. Identity theft occurs when someone takes your personal information without your consent and uses it in a criminal way. Most of the time people are victims of identity theft because they did not know how they could protect their personal information with identity theft protection.

    Identity Theft, 10 Million Victims, Expert and Speaker Robert Siciliano

    In 2008, the number of identity theft cases jumped 22 percent to 9.9 million, according to a study released Monday by Javelin Strategy & Research. The good news is that the cost per incident -- including losses and legal fees -- fell 31 percent to $4...

    Victims of identity theft end up having their lives turned upside down because many times they are not aware of the problem until months later. This can result in credit card bills in your name and can also end up negatively impacting your credit report as well. While much of identity theft does occur online, it occurs quite often offline as well.

    Tips for Identity Theft Protection
    The best way to keep from being a victim of identity theft is to know how you can protect yourself. It is important that you use identity theft protection to keep your personal information from being taken and misused. There are a variety of ways that you can protect yourself from identity theft.

    One method of identity theft protection is to always make sure that you shred any personal information on paper. Make sure that credit card bills, bank statements, and any other papers that have personal information are shredded so no one can get your information by checking your trash. This is a simple way, but it can help you prevent identity theft.

    Another way to prevent identity theft is to make sure you do not give out your social security number. Never give it to telemarketers that may call your home or to people online, unless you are on a secure site that you trust. It is also wise to keep your social security place somewhere other than your wallet in case you lose your wallet or it is stolen.

    Another method of identity theft protection is to keep track of your credit report. Make sure that you look closely to make sure there are no accounts listed that you are unfamiliar with or that there are no negative reports that you have no recollection of. Keeping your eye on this report can help you catch identity theft quicker than you might otherwise.

    These are just a few ways that you can protect yourself from identity theft. Remember that knowledge is your best defense and that understanding identity theft and how it works can be the best protection against it.

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