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The true reality is any computer hacker can EASILY compromise ANY Windows PC, yes, even yours !

At SupportCave, we have a bit of everything to help you clean up and keep your computer spyware free, software ranging from spyware removal tools to anti-virus removal software. We also feature key logger detection programs that has been proven effective while removing spyware from your computer.

You are here because you're looking forward to removing spyware from your computer.

free spyware removal software


You should review, download and if the program is not free then purchase a spyware removal program.

We offer an extensive collection of ad aware security software to download and several types of other cleaner tools, that are designed to remove malicious software from your computer.

We pride ourselves in our products and our services, and we hope to provide you with superior adware removal programs that protect and keep your computer functioning properly.

In a FBI, study published previously this year, 80% of businesses reported spyware problems.

Try our ad aware Scan. Our scan will detect and remove spyware threats running on your PC.

Spyware Removal Facts

Experts consider the malevolent software, which pops up ads on screens or spies on PC users, has been stealthily put on more than three-quarters of PCs.

Computers without professional-grade anti spyware protection are highly vulnerable to identity theft, having their banking info stolen, credit card theft, and other personal information, as well as being used as the hacker's slave or zombie computer.

free spyware remover

Spyware also causes irritating, pop ups, that slow down your computer, and even worse. It crashes it.

These malevolent software programs slips past pc firewall's an updated anti virus programs to invade your personal privacy and gain full control to your computer.

Ad-aware and other hacker tools can contaminate your computer while you surf the internet.

90% of pc's TODAY are infected by malicious spyware and spy software.

We will remove your spy ware and ad-aware and lock your computer down so tight that Fort Knox would be an easier target!

Featured Free Ad-Aware Cleaner Software

This free anti ad-aware downloads can help in the removal of adware, and other hidden spyware.This adware cleaner software will allow you to reclaim your PC.

SUPERAntiSpyware spyware remover

Remove malware with SUPERAntiSpyware was selected as 2010’s number one anti-spyware solution by Gizmo’s Freeware. SUPERAntiSpyware protects your PC from the consequences of malware

The best just keeps getting better. SUPERAntiSpyware:
See our SUPERAntiSpyware Review

Detects and removes particularly vicious spyware and adware programs. Improved for faster scanning. SUPERAntiSpyware now blocks more adware.


Red Tape - German officials admit using spyware on citizens, as ...

The German spyware scandal touches on various sensitive subjects for Internet users and civil liberties advocates. BBC commentator Stephen Evans said the incident has touched a nerve among Germans "who, given the ...


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How to Remove Malware From Your Windows PC - PCWorld


If so, your PC might be infected with a virus, spyware, or other malware--even if you have an antivirus program installed on it.

Is your computer running slower than usual? Are you getting lots of pop-ups? Have you seen other weird problems crop up? If so, your PC might be infected with a virus, spyware, or other malware--even if you have an antivirus program installed on it. Though other problems, such as hardware issues, can produce similar symptoms, it's best to check for malware if you aren't sure. But you don't necessarily need to call tech support or the geek across the street to scan for malware--I'll show you how to do it yourself.

How to Remove Malware From Your Windows PC CIO.com



As a computer user, you’re bound to come across terms such as ‘malware’, ‘adware’, ‘spyware’, or ‘virus’ – among others.

After all, the internet is riddled with warnings about the latest Trojan horse stomping its way onto the user’s PCs and bringing all of its malware buddies or that nasty worm causing billions of dollars in damage.

Beyond knowing that the computer threats running amok can be anything from extremely annoying to downright devastating to computer users, do you know the difference between them?

Let’s go down the list.

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