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The Best Firewall NetVada Safety.Net Firewall

These days, you can find a wide array of security protection software in the market. However, most of the really useful ones are for sale, which means you have to pay before you can download them and try them out.

Such software products don’t exactly come cheap; plus, when they don’t work as they promised, you’re bound to have a hard time getting the refund you deserve.

If you go for them, you’ll definitely be risking your resources – both your time and your money.

That’s where a great freeware like NetVada Safety.Net Firewall, which we’ll be focusing on in this firewalls review, comes into the picture.

This firewall product offers both inbound and outbound protection, aside from filtering, parental controls, and email safety that all work to defend your PC from hackers, intruders, Trojans, and worms.

For stately inspection, this software uses a multi-layer deep packet. Aside from that, it enables you to configure or decide which applications and components should be trusted to access the Internet or the local network.
Like other firewall products, the NetVada Safety.Net Firewall has basic firewall features. What sets it apart is the application control and content filtering that are easy to use and allows you to restrict web access, remove harmful content from email, check browser requests, and more.

netvada safety net firewall the best firewall

Plus, the software gives detailed reports regarding the application and network activity, allowing you to set rules to a network computer that utilizes your own PC as Internet gateway.

These impressive features make the NetVada Safety.Net Firewall the best firewall out there.

Download The Best Firewall NetVada Safety.Net Firewall

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