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Software for Firewall - Webroot Desktop Firewall Personal Firewall Software

Software for Firewall - Webroot Desktop Firewall Having personal firewall protection is an essential part of PC security, as it allows your computer to filter incoming and outgoing network communication through the internet, hopefully routing malicious attacks coming from the outside and blocking those that have managed to sneak inside before the firewall was installed.

Unfortunately, the basic firewall that came with Windows leaves a lot to be desired, and may provide lackluster security. Effective commercial firewalls on the other hand, may be effective but can be complicated and really hard to configure for the average computer user.

Webroot [email protected] Reply - Firewalls

Webroot threat research analyst Armando Orozco explains the purpose of a computer firewall, why they are important to have and just how they work to protect your computer.

Enter Webroot Desktop Firewall, a commercial standalone firewall that is effective but simplifies operation for the user who doesn’t have extensive networking know-how.

For instance, instead of forcing you to identify which ports applications are running on and which should be blocked, Webroot

Desktop Firewall instead lets you apply rules to the applications themselves.

Webroot Desktop Firewall also uses a more intuitive slider rather than a bunch of confusing checkboxes in its configuration panel.

To be more effective, the Webroot Desktop Firewall includes a one-week training period where the software is trained to recognize what your computer normally does, what you do with it, and how you interact through the Internet.

It uses what it has learned so that it can adjust its settings to match how you work. Webroot is surprisingly effective and easy to implement and maintain.

With no actual cons except for the fact that it is exactly just a firewall, and has no ad-blocking, email scanning and virus scanner integration.

Product Infomation

Publisher Webroot Software,Inc
File Size 3804 kb
Version 5.8
Added Aug 19, 2008
License Free Trial, $19.95
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Requirements None
Trial Limitations 30 day trial. Some features are disabled.

Webroot Desktop Firewall does not contain any spyware, adware or virus.

Neowin.net - Webroot Desktop Firewall Free


Webroot Desktop Firewall is an easy-to-use, two-way, "smart" firewall which protects you against identity and data theft, hackers, and other unauthorized access to your PC. A computer without a firewall is easy prey for hackers ...

Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete - PC Magazine


Geek.comWebroot SecureAnywhere CompletePC MagazineLess effective phishing protection. Firewall doesn't identify exploits. Some features of online console not yet available. No antispam or parental control. Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete is the small ...

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Webroot make really nice software. The trial sounds nice and the price is not bad. I was looking for a good firewall for a long time. I hope webroot did a great job.
Edwina Brazile , February 24, 2011

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