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Invisus Personal Firewall Software Review - Firewall Protection

Invisus Firewall

Keep Hackers Out With INVISUS Desktop Firewall

When it comes to the local network of a computer, firewall security software is the one of the best approaches to PC protection.

There are many different harmful presences across the Internet, including other computers that threaten the stability and safety of a computer.

Internet security software firewall keeps hackers out of your life and protects a PC from a system takeover. Firewall security software, such as the high-quality capabilities of INVISUS Desktop Firewall also keeps the IP address of your computer from the rest of world.


INVISUS Desktop Firewall provides many key security features that surpass other products on the market. Through advanced inspection methods, this firewall security software will either block or filter any IP traffic, despite whether or not it is coming or going.

When an unknown incoming traffic packet comes in contact with your computer, it will be automatically dropped. Helpful Intrusion Detection Alerts appear on the desktop to let you know what is going on with the daily activities of your PC.

Additional features associated with this advanced security firewall software includes advanced Microsoft networking, overview of opened connections, enhanced password protection, encrypted remote administration, as well as MD5 signature verification, which offers protection from pesky Trojan horses that mask themselves as trusted items.


How to Make Your PC a Firewall for Free - Last week, we shared tips with you on things you can do with your old computers. One of those things was to turn it into a firewall. Of course, in order to do this you'll also need software.

When using the internet security software firewall from INVISUS, you will be able to take advantage of surfing the Web in “stealth mode,” meaning your computer can visit websites without your activities being monitored or detected. When it comes to the filtering of various programs and IP addresses, INVISUS allows users to set up their own rules on which specific items to deny or permit access to their computer.

The next time you are shopping for a Desktop Firewall product, let INVISUS protect your computer from hacker invasions, wireless network vulnerabilities, unauthorized network access, Trojan horse applications and the very inconvenient computer takeover.


When choosing INVISUS internet security software firewall protection, you will receive alerts on all of the Internet activity to and from your PC. Helpful warning alerts allow you to stay on top of the things that affect the stability of your computer. There is nothing worse than finding out the strings of your computer are attached to a malicious hacker. To ensure the safety of your private information and files, firewall security software is needed to keep out those who wish to harm your computer.

Through INVISUS Desktop Firewall, you will also receive more control over the kind of security you wish to benefit from. This particular security firewall software offers three choices, including minimum, medium and maximum levels of security. Computer users working with operating systems, such as Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP, will be able to benefit from all of the advanced features and advantages that this firewall security software offers.

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The Invisus Desktop Firewall will protect you computer from all internet attacks and hacker attempts.

Invisus in know for its products and how they protect you pc, well the desktop firewall protection is a professional grade firewall, your pc will be locked down tighter than FORT KNOX

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Invisus Firewall Rating

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