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Computer Firewall Software Online Armor Personal Firewall Review
You can find several computer firewall software in the market today; the problem is, most of them are aimed at protecting your little but very precious machine only from incoming traffic, allowing outgoing traffic to leave havoc in your system. The good news is, the Online Armor firewall software now comes in a second version, a better and more effective one.

The Online Armor Personal Firewall V4 protects your computer’s online access, both inbound and outbound connections, by stopping unknown programs from running and detecting keyloggers that might jeopardize your security.

Its HIPS feature gives you the ability to stop all unrecognized programs and only install applications that you’ve approved, giving you defense against new attacks.
Unlike a typical pure antivirus program, the Online Armor Personal Firewall V4 does not let just any program run when the exact threat in its database fails to register.

What’s great about it this PC firewall software is that it has been designed to be user-friendly, with uncomplicated installing instructions that you can follow easily. Plus, with a 100%-pass on leak tests, it conveniently beats all the others down.

Online Armor Personal Firewall ++ v4

The Online Armor Personal Firewall V4’s feature list includes keylogger detection, mail and web filter, spam shield, cookie cutter, spyware prevention and removal, easy-to-use firewall, a Windows firewall and a lightweight security for Windows, running as limited user, Worm protection, Trojan protection, an autorunning management, and Online Armor tests results, among many others.

This firewall software review recommends the Online Armor Personal Firewall V4. Get one now, unless you’re using Windows Vista – the software has yet to be compatible with this.

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Online-Armor-Personal-Firewall-Free - Online Armor FREE - A powerful free Firewall for Windows.

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