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Best Firewall Program - Top Firewall Software Ashampoo Firewall

In order to use the Internet safely, you need to use a firewall program. A good firewall will defend your computer from attacks coming from the Internet and tells your computer when programs already installed on your computer are threatening to wreak havoc so you can prevent them from before they do.

The firewall of Windows fails on this aspect, which is why it’s become a must to employ firewall software that can identify and stop the risky incoming and outgoing traffic.

Installing firewall software, however, can be quite a task, especially to those who are not big techies. The jargon can be confusing, as well as keeping up with the instructions.

If you’re having trouble choosing the right firewall software, panic no more.

The new Ashampoo FireWall is the best firewall program for you.

It has a Configuration Assistant that guides you all throughout the setup process, and the Easy Mode feature and the self-explanatory user interface make it easily understandable and manageable for those who are not computer geniuses.

Ashampoo FireWall

link: www2.ashampoo.com espero y les sirva....cualquier duda diganmela...

If you have advanced computer skills, switch to Expert Mode and you can create detailed rules for every program and specify which types of connection you want each port to use.

Plus, you can get precise information on your computer’s LAN, internal, and external connections.

With such convenient options, it’s no wonder why the Ashampoo FireWall has been included in the list of top firewall software.

At a glance, the Ashampoo Firewall’s features include heavy-duty firewall protection, Easy, Expert, and Learning Modes, being simple and compact, and a block-all button for stopping all traffic during emergencies.

If you looking for top firewall software Ashampoo Firewall is what your looking for .

Download Ashampoo Firewall today.

|MG| Ashampoo FireWall 1.20 Download


The brand-new Ashampoo FireWall is different. It's Configuration Assistant guides you through every step of the the simple setup process. And Easy Mode makes using it a breeze you don't need any special technical ...

Ashampoo Firewall PRO - Free Trial Download - Tucows Downloads


If you want the full functionality of a modern firewall you need Ashampoo FireWall PRO.

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Yes! I am a novice PC user (I might know more but I prefer to place myself still in the "novice" area :)) and I tried different firewalls so far.

Most of what I tried did more harm than good. They blocked my simple LAN internet sharing by default? Well, that's a shame on them! We want to be asked by default what to do, not being imposed "set of rules"...

Ashampoo shines in this area. It has "Easy Mode" and "Expert Mode" so it can satisfy both the newbies and the geeks. Since I prefer a good protection but without being hassled too much, I chose "Easy Mode" and I'm all set. Internet sharing on a small home network? YES!

It's also light on system resources, you don't feel any difference on booting. The interface is quite beautiful also, easy to navigate and use.

I wouldn't rely too much on what other people and their reviews say about what's "the best" protection and what isn't. "The best" is relative. Try a product for yourself and see if it's worth your time and attention! (That goes for anything in life, by the way...)

From now on, Ashampoo is my top choice firewall! :)
Revan , March 10, 2011

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