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Computer Health

Here are 5 days of Healthy Computing.

In these five days, we will help you transform your work or home office into a healthy working environment.

Day One - Today, being the first day of our e-course, let's discuss how to stay healthy, while working on your computer. This contains suggestions on different ways by which you can stay fit even though you have to work on the computer all day long, with pictorial representations.

Day Two - Your eyes also need proper care as the other parts of the body. It is the worst affected organ in case you have to sit in front of the computer for long hours.

Day Three - This book brings to your notice the kind of desks that you should use for the best comfort and the leg space beneath them. The clearance space under the work surface should have adequate legroom for the user while seated in comfortable postures.

Day Four - Do you know that monitors increase eyestrain? If you don't select a proper monitor, your eyes react within a couple of weeks of using it. Different types of monitors are available in the market that helps you reduce the strain on your eyes. This e-book gives you more details on how to select and purchase the right monitor for you.

Day Five - Our e-book gives you details regarding all factors of workstation environment and lots of tips that ensures your healthy computing.

set yourself up for healthy computing


for those of us slaving away at the 'puter all day long, macworld's got some ergonomic advice on how to set up a healthy workspace. you'll find the usual ergo recommendations here (quality chair, monitor at a good distance) but this bit ...

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www.keynamics.com Laptop Stand for Laptops, Notebooks and Netbooks. Improves computer ergonomics and comfort with your laptop. Mobile Lap Top stand, Portable Note Book stand. Inflight Internet for Airplane Tray Tables. Improves Laptop Posture and Hea...

Neck or shoulder pain? Try these 10 healthy computing tips ...


Try these 10 healthy computing tips. MSDNArchive. Comments 17. If working on the computer is becoming a pain in the neck, it might be time to rearrange your work area and change some of your computer habits. ...

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